Saturday, 26 August 2006

Thursday 24th August.
An interesting start to the holiday with me nearly missing last good bus to the train station, so I took a taxi and arrived in good time, despite the wonderful "public transport system" of Surrey. Enjoyed the quiet of an empty house, unfortunately I was out in the garden when Dad sent me a text message, and he was a bit irritated that the message hadn't got passed on, after Mum called him to check where he was. I might have had a problem if Dad hadn't been able to put me and Mark on the car insurance via the renewal number (closes at 8), rather than the customer services (which closed at six).

Friday 25th August.
Drove over to Dartford, got blocked off from the right junction once and briefly stopped by an accident, but thanks to that rare breed, a helpful van driver made good time, for the M25. Went to Hall Place with Nan, enjoyed the gardens and didn't get wet, in the evening visited the Forni household, saw Joanne and Charlotte, attempted to wind Charlotte up about the realities of laundry and ironing. Carlos came in later, rather tired, and probably retreated to bed before Abigail returned with her sleepover friend. We left and I got a nice night's sleep after watering Nan's plant pots.

Saturday 26th August.
Woke up early, 5:30 dratted "wake at dawn" biological clock, decided to tag along with Nan to Crayford helped Nan deliver a floral arrangement form the florist to her church, and then had an amble around the shops while Nan had her hair done. Found a bench to sit on to read for a bit, discovered that the thin layer of mud underfoot was more slippery than I had thought and nearly fell over on trying to get up, got mud on my hand, which may have prompted Nan to go to the garden centre. She bought 3 bags of compost and would have bought a pot but discover she didn't have her coupons with her, did and few other jobs for Nan, including hoovering the stairs and getting down the landing lace curtain for cleaning. Had a nice quiet afternoon in with Nan, and then drove back to Camberley, a bit of windscreen battering rain but otherwise an Ok trip back, despite muffing the exit from the M3 slightly, too used to getting off at the other side.