Friday, 29 December 2006

I don't want to go back to school. My school goes back on the second. That is most unfair. I have been really enjoying this holiday as Adrian has finally finished his phd and we have been able to spend some time together. Unfortunately I have spent most of today trying to work out what the hell I should be teaching my students over the next half term. They are all starting new topics and it has took a while to get my head around them as I have not taught some of the themes before. That and I have been having a good sort out. Filled the paper recycling box full of paper from my folder. Hope no one asks me for something I have flung - that has happened before. Problem is I do accumulate a load of junk along with the important stuff and lose the important stuff (sometimes on purpose). Being female and acting dipsy and saying "oooh I think I may have lost that, have you got another copy" seems to work really well I find, if it was important and someone is chasing me for it that is.

Anyway better get back to it. Not got long until need to get ready for going out. Got a busy weekend planned. Round Vicky and Bens tonight for some board game fun and food, Mel and Colin are over visiting us tomorrow, and then it is new years. Might be ready for school by Tuesday but then again, I don't really care at this point in time. I only have five lessons on Tuesday!