Wednesday, 20 December 2006

These are pictures of the Zagaglia Christmas crib. They're good, you see, in Italy because instead of just buying one, you buy bits, and every year you collect moss and sand and you get your hands dirty making it, of which I approve.

We had a bit of trouble because we couldn't find Giuseppe (whose beard I apparently share) although I counted no less than three identical bambini Gesù. Odd, to my mind. Also we had to buy some new sky, because the old stuff was broken.

I'm fine by the way. I'll try to remember what we've done:

Lunedi I arrived after a pretty uneventful journey, though I did worry myself about having wrapped presents in my hand luggage, which I wish I'd thought of before I packed my bags. I had a pint at the airport - s'good. And then we had a meal together, Monica's parents, Carlo e Gabriella, Vane e Lorenzo, and Monica e me. This is more than typical. Sometimes Lorenzo doesn't eat with us at dinnertime, but that's about it.

Martedi we just pottered about a bit, gathering moss, writing Christmas cards and such-like. We went to mass as well, and evening prayer, during which I felt a bit ill, so I've been taking it easy on my stomach since.

Oggi, Mercoledi, we did the crib and Monica's been very sniffly, so we haven't been about much. I think this may do for now. Merry Christmas to you all.