Monday, 4 December 2006

Today was my first day as a part-time cleaner at Uni.
I woke up ready to go, full of energy, I checked the time, it was 3.30!!!!!!! Why do I keep on waking up at such silly, silly hours?!?!? I dozed until 6.30 and then got up. There was a beautiful full moon.

I'm working at the Engineering building. It's really big, I've never been there before, there are high chances of me getting lost! The job was fine, emptying bins, they said it was Monday and they like to start the week with easy Mondays. I agree. We had a long break and I finished at 11.30.

In the afternoon Neil came to show me how to make mince pies. Mark and I will like to try to make them once in Italy. Well, I have to say Neil has been really kind and patient with me. Thank you Neil! I enjoyed cooking with you, it was nice. The mince pies are really nice!