Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Good Easter, Bad Easter

Good: I have an interview for an amazing job, well paid, very interesting, which would suit me as a career.
Bad: It's 200 miles away, and we've just bought a house in Manchester.

Good: Chester Zoo. Caught the feeding of penguins, sealions, lions. The batcave thing is really cool.
Bad: Sunburn.

Good: The lounge is now tidy, and looks like a lounge ought to look like.
Bad: Tidying houses makes Adrian grumpy.

Good: Emma having a much needed holiday, since we spent last half term moving house.
Bad: Emma having two days of holiday, then deciding she's bored and phoning me at work to complain about how bad life is.

Good: Had a pleasant visit from Emma's parents: Ohn (Emma's dad) helped me put the shed up (I'm currently feeling very DIYesque), while Dawn (Emma's mum) has made the garden look nicer.
Bad: People being sniffy about our fantastic new house (which does need some work, but let's not be so bloody negative all the time, shall we?)

Bad: Biscuit (hamster) died.
Good: The poor thing had never really been well since we got her (this was about the fourth visit to the vets since buying her in November(ish)) and she was really suffering, so this was probably a good thing.

Good: Wednesday have suddenly started winning a lot.
Bad: We're never going to make the playoffs.

Good: Housewarming party on Saturday.
Bad: The dreary cycle of temping (looking for it, then doing it) begins on Monday.

Good: Corrections have been passed to examiners for approval, so I might finally get finished with uni! I've also been invited to Leicester to give a talk on my work (by the external examiner, John).
Bad: Writing the talk (work) and giving the talk (scary).

Good: Badminton tomorrow; Mum, Dad, Nick, Ann and Neil coming up on Friday, with Nick and Ann staying a few nights

I've run out of bad, so that makes it a good Easter. Huzzah!

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Rosy At Random said...

Ah, sorry to hear about Biscuit...