Monday, 23 April 2007

A little cautionary tale for everyone who hasn't yet repaid their Student Loan.

A bit ago I managed to pay off the last of my student loan, or so I thought.
So a week or so ago I got a bit of a shock when checking my bank statement that a direct debit to the student loan company had taken money from my account, unfortunately the call centre had closed for the night so I couldn't find out what had happened until the next day.

I was not exactly a happy bunny to find that the forthcoming direct debit payment had not been taken into account when I asked to "repay the full amount".


EmmatheEnforcer said...

Its ok my student loan is completely messed up. I qualify to get my student loan 100% paid off by the government as long as I continue to teach at a state secondary school. They are still taking 51p out of my bank account every month and took about £50 out of my wages the other month. I have phoned up to complain and the people I end up talking to get very confused by my account. They never get back to me like they say the will. Its just annoying as I don't know what they will do next.

Neil said...

So it's agreed, the Student Loans people are idiots.