Tuesday, 10 April 2007

I've just finished talking with my friend Marghe, the nun. She took the temporary vows on the 25th of March at 4.00pm, at around 4.00pm of the same day Mark proposed. Being Lent I couldn't phoned her, but because of the great news I was allowed to phone for half an hour. Tonight I could finally talk to her for an hour. It was really good. We talked about my wedding, about flowers, music, reception, but not about my bridal dress because like everybody said, it will be mission impossible to find one ( this is because I'm a bit particular, just a bit). My friend Gio' doesn't want to come with me to help me. Last time I had to buy a dress was for my sister wedding. Gio' and I went to a shop and I tried several dresses but none of them met my standards. ( I wanted a simple,very simple black dress ) The shop assistant was really helpful, too much actually, according to her I was pretty in every dress I tried. After having tried all the dresses in the shop, I really tried all the dresses available, (even a horrible orange gown) she said I didn't need a dress but a psychologist. Now all I want is a simple, very simple white dress. Gio' said she won't come with me. I know she will.
Marghe told me a bit about her wedding ceremony, she said she's got a tape so I could see what happened. Now she is wearing a black veil, instead of the white one.
On the 1st of May it will be her birthday and I've got an idea about the present, but Mark I need your help. I'd like to make a CD with some pictures of me and you and of the places we 've been, so that she can see a bit of it.
On the phone she was asking me how do I look now, how long my hair is, whether I'm eating or starving, and she said "I don't know how you look now". It's so strange that we are so far away. We used to see each other every single day. I know her since I was 12. But we have never been so close like in this moment. We are close in prayer and in God, she prays for me I pray for her. Julie, a friend of mine, said to me that the most important and beautiful thing you could for a person is to pray for her and the same is knowing that someone is praying for you.
1 Last thing: I'm really happy to marry Mark, he is always nice and warm (I'm always cold), he eats everything without complaining, he speaks English, he looks good with a hat, he's got a soft facial hair and a good aftershave, he doesn't break the spine of a book while reading (I do ), he doesn't underline while reading (I do), he drinks beer (I don't) but we can work on it, on you Mark not drinking not on me drinking.