Monday, 7 July 2008

Fauna (I think)

They have different aminals here; I suppose that's probably obvious. I like the little lizards that you see on the pavements; they're quite good. They have cicadas here, which make a bit of a racket "when it's hot" i.e. almost the whole day at the moment. There's an intimidating looking flying thing that goes among the flowers with the butterflies. It's sort of a cross between a moth, a hummingbird, a slug and an elephant. That is to say, it looks mostly like a moth, but it flies more like a hummingbird, the front part of it's body is grey and has antennae like slug, and it has a long proboscis. This puts me in mind of the thing that disturbed me on a previous occasion while I was relieving myself, which Monica said had a name in dialect meaning something like the-taker-out-of-eyes. Scary stuff. The insects seem to be larger here to; I saw a really massive woodlouse, and there were two centipede-like creatures in my room this morning that were closer in size to a house-spider. On of them nearly fell off the wall onto my head. Fun and games.