Thursday, 17 July 2008


If you are British, and you want to get married in this area of Italy, they make you you shell out to come to this building in Firenze in person and pay a further 78 euro. They then present you with an A4 sheet of paper that says you can get married - it isn't even particularly good quality paper. We had to travel for 6 hours. I think I would be within my rights to expect it on illuminated manuscript, from parchment hand-fashioned by virgins, exclusively by the light of the moon.

But basically it's a sheet of A4.

So, if you're in Firenze anyway, you'd sure as hell better do the tourist bit, and we did. Check out all it's majesty:
This is the duomo don't you know, and very grand it is too. I don't think travel writing's my thing somehow.

There's lots more photos on facebook. I might put some more here, but then I'd have to think of words to put between them, so it might be a bit of a wait.