Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Library lunacy

There was an interesting reason for the library's fire alarm getting set off today. Apparently some Aboriginal Australian human remains were being returned to Australia and as part of this return involved an aborigine man (dressed and painted in a ceremonial way) holding a ceremony. The ceremony involved burning something (smelt like cheap charcoal) within the museum-occupied part of the library (while museum is being renovated). Unsurprisingly the smoke detectors were set off and the building had to be evacuated. Those involved in the ceremony made an unsurprisingly exit before the Fire Brigade arrived.

Now to be fair, the library staff only had 10min warning before anyone knew about the ceremony at all, let alone that it involving burning, and had turned off the alarms in that section to prevent such an occurrence. But the general consensus of opinion was that it was a pretty stupid idea to hold the ceremony in the library, I'm expecting to hear about it in the local news.