Friday, 26 January 2007

1000th Post (apparently)

Other than being smug about the post number, I have several momentous events to give bring to your attention.

1) We've given our month's notice on our rented house. After this week, we'll no longer be contributing to other people's mortgages, but paying our own instead. Wooo!

2) Emma's clearing her office out. Being a teacher and a bit of a hoarder means that this is not only quite a task, but also quite a notable occasion. We're on two boxes of paper, and counting...

3) Sheffield Wednesday have made some money by selling players. It's been around seven years since we've got much money (i.e. >£1 million) for any players, and we've a record of letting players go for ridiculously cheap sums, so this is good (assuming the money is well spent).


Neil said...

Great news, my sympathies about the great clearing out.

Adrian said...

Clearing the office out is good. For the first time in months the carpet is visible.