Saturday, 13 January 2007

At last I'm done with the reorganisation and post-Christmas offer hunting. It took me over a week to assemble my furniture and organise all the the stuff I brought back from Camberley. I once again have a working printer and CD/DVD writer. My rocks are now nicely arranged in my display cupboard and so won't need dusting nearly as often, phew. On a related note, I think I may ask or pay for help with my next house move, but I'm hoping I can find somewhere decent.

I've got a decent calendar, with enough space to put all my appointments on. I've started the "Job centre helps me find work" process, and I feel like I can make a day trip to somewhere nice. I'm hoping to get into the habit of going swimming twice a week, and making a real start on a project, still haven't decided exactly what, autobiography, make another attempt to learn C++, finish the pin-art.

I've been asked to help co-plan a house group meeting based on John 6 v25-71 "Bread of Life" and "Many Disciples Desert Jesus", and went to a "How to plan a house group meeting" on Thursday. Belmont has decided to give the house groups the chance to try to write their own house group notes, rather than just providing them. It will be interesting to do some intensive Bible study for other people and I hope I can provide some fresh insights.