Wednesday, 10 January 2007

I'm getting old! I need glasses for reading now! I've bought them, they are black. My mum is not really happy about the colour, "always black, you are all black, black hair, black eyes, dark skin and now black glasses! Why can't you be like those nice girls and trie some colours like red, purple, just not black!" This is my mum.
My application for the student grant has been approved. No money yet.
Coming back has been a bit of a shock after 3 weeks in Italy, I need to get back to the routine...and english food. Today I made bread, I need to find the right amount of salt to use, it 's always either too salty or too insipid, this time is insipid!
I've started revising Fascism and writing my essay. I'm a bit worried because I'm not panicking about the exams. Maybe I'm really getting old.
I talked with my parents tonight, my mum bought 2 jumpers for when she comes to England. My dad is going to buy salami for when he comes to England.
I've phoned my friend, Marghe the nun, she is really happy about my Christmas present. I bought her the hot water bottle cover in the shape of Shawn(Sorry, I don't know how to write Shawn) the sheep. She loved it! We went to visit her at Christmas and when I gave her the sheep, she screamed of joy! She said that when she went into the cloister all the nuns were really happy about Shawn and that the Mother Superior told her not to waste too much time with it. She didn't understand how she could waste time on a sheep, but now that she started talking to her and putting her in a different pose every morning she is a bit worried! She said is really relaxing for her to play with Shawn, and that it's a great company!
Now I'm going to watch an episode of King of the Hill, to relax. I like Mr Hank Hill.