Saturday, 14 August 2004

And now - an update.

I have been rather tired at work this week - about three hours in credit on flexi-time though. Police kept on sending through late leavers forms. To prevent overpayments you have to fax a request to stop the original payment to Barclays Bank, calculate the exact net pay, which generally involves NI, tax and superannuation, and always needs a double-check by someone else, fax that through to the police so they can raise a cheque, manually create a pay advice on a shitty Excel template designed by someone who clearly didn't have to use it and hand-write a P45. It takes longer than it might just because you have to make sure that everything is exactly right. About four of those in a day really slow you down. Michaela at work hadn't heard of Charles Darwin. I was amazed. I no longer do stationery, but I got landed with another job of the same ilk - photocopying staff record cards when the pensions section ask for them. i.e. When I'm already busy enough, thank you very much. I expect that all sounds a bit grumpy, but I feel alright really, especially now it's the weekend.

Sold a couple of videos at work to raise money for the Spaced DVD set. I suppose it is technically a box set, but that would make the case sound much better than it is. Still, enough commentary and deleted scenage to be going on with.

Had a bash at redesigning the Christians Together at County Hall website. I didn't change much, but I streamlined it a bit (FrontPage, though naturally not as good as hand-writing, did provide tolerably clean HTML) and prettified it a bit.

I think Norris' clothes have been hanging out all week. It's been raining all week. Is that bad for clothes? They certainly aren't doing anything for me on an aesthetic level.

I'm never using the Blogger spell-check again. It knows cock-all about apostrophes.