Saturday, 21 August 2004

Huh. Gavin's been updating his blog again. Dunno if it warrants putting back in my header - probably not. Apparently he wants to get shot of a kitten, and is putting all his salesmanship into it:
That kitten is still on offer! I’ve been lumbered with the creature this Friday night while Mum and Dad have been away. It’s a pain in the neck and will probably be living in the greenhouse when the parents go away for a week next month. Doesn’t do what its told, is either in your face or in your food all the time (the pushing onto the floor has become throwing it to the other side of the room and still it doesn’t learn), and it has barely spent any time asleep when usually it sleeps most of the day.

No doubt when they get back the cat will have full sympathy and I’ll get none despite the rat slitting the side of one hand open today (not an accident and would have been worse if my reactions hadn’t been so quick).

At least with Obby if you shoved food in her bowl she loved you for days. This thing needs its head read - if it carries on I might just do that.

Saying that, he would make someone else a lovely pet! Any takers?
He'd be able to learn a few things from Adam when he gets back. I might get "I don't want a bloody encyclopedia." made up into a placard.