Monday, 30 August 2004

It was David's birthday on Friday, he generously took his shop staff, his parents, his sister and his accountant to a meal at the Chinese restaurant nearby. I enjoyed it especially because I enjoyed the food, whereas normally I'm not a fan of Chinese food. Spending the time with everyone was nice, although tiring for me.

A more pleasant journey back to Camberley this time. Think that taking a bus to London then taking a train to Camberley has left me less stressed than the usual all-train journey via Reading. Surprising I would have thought that the extra journey time would leave me more stressed. Perhaps the lack of bored children, mountains of luggage and the lack of overcrowding helped as well. The only fly in the ointment was the fact that the girl sitting in front of me was talking with her friends behind me in a unfamiliar language.

Having returned home it was not long before I was heading out again this time to the caravan with my parents and Nan. We stayed overnight in the caravan and were entertained by parts of the closing ceremony for the Olympics. Early in the mourning we headed out again to Branksome Chine Beach, before most people were up. When we first got there the tide was still coming in! Thankfully there was still plenty of beach to set up on, so we got on with a nice relaxed day. I forgot to put on sun lotion until the afternoon so I'll probably be doing my lobster impression for a while.

I'm planning on taking a more leisurely trip home, going into London with Nan on her way home and then ambling around London until I catch the return bus to Exeter at 5:15. I'm hoping that it will be a little quieter than last time but am unsure that the Summer holiday is the best time to visit London at all.