Saturday, 17 September 2005

1st Saturday with Mark, Monica and their friends, Ben and Zosia.
A bit of a late start and signs to Paighton Zoo dying out, then meandering through Paignton's city centre, still we got there in the end.

It then got a bit rushed as we attempted to find the baboon's enclosure in time to see them being fed. Needless to say, we didn't make it in time, in fact we only got to the baboons in the last third of our stay. We did get to see the pelicans being fed with the seagulls attempting to steal a meal.

There was a bit of excitement a bit shortly after we passed through the area with the free-ranging goats in the "animal encounters" area. A peccary (a small pig-like animal) had escaped so everyone was asked to go to the restaurant\bar while they caught it. Not the most enjoyable part of the day I must admit, but how often do you get to be around when something like that happens?

I started to get a little tired about half-three, thankfully we'd seen just about everything and even though I suggested they continue if they wanted to, I headed back to the car, since I could just read for a bit while I waited. However after Mark's friends, Ben and Zosia, had bought some animal masks, they turned up after a relatively short time, followed by Mark and Monica, who took a little longer to find the car.

The return journey had only one delay caused by me misreading the signs and going back into Paignton again, (sigh). After dropping off Mark and co, I went home for a bit of a break, then went shopping at the big Sainsbury's. Mostly to get the things that I can't get at the one in town, but also just because with a car I can do a big shop and not have to carry it all the way back.