Monday, 19 September 2005

Sunday Trip
Only Mark and Monica came on this trip to Dartmouth Castle, in hindsight Ben and Zosia got the better end of the deal. We took a wrong turn and I had to turn around using a dirt track entrance. We later discovered had driven to the wrong side of the Dartmouth's bay and had to wait for the small car ferry to get across, Monica had never been on a car ferry before.

Dartmouth is an old town with small winding roads, something that I could have done without after a long confusing journey, at least we got there. Mark and Monica seemed to enjoy the castle, redeveloped several times for the changing circumstances including WW2. I took more interest in the building stones and wildlife.

On returning to Exeter we had Sunday lunch at the Malt House, my treat as I felt that after the journey we deserved a treat.