Sunday, 25 September 2005

I'm back

We've regained internet access at home since moving about four weeks ago. That was in Emma's summer holiday, since when she's gone back to school to teach (avoid murdering whilst hoping they pick up some maths) the kids.

We've moved to South East Manchester (just past a "Welcome to Stockport" sign), which means the car insurance got cheaper, it's easier for Emma to get to work (round the M60), and I've got a five mile cycle to get into uni. Nice house with two bedrooms, one of which is Emma's study, and a garden with a shed. My shiny new bike lives in the shed. I treated myself to a new one, as I don't think it'll get nicked from here, and I'm cycling over 50 miles a week. My last bike was stolen from outside the old flat while I was on Skye at a maths conference. Slightly irritating as I'd only had it for 3 weeks. We've got a groovy metal staircase arrangement which someone with a spanner could easily booby-trap.

I'm writing up my thesis, which is painfully slow, to submit in January. Got 60 pages done so far, most of which will need some rewriting, and it'll probably be about 100 pages when it's done. It's currently sporting the catchy title "Real K-theory of Thom complexes".

Emma's (as I said) back at school, and seems to be managing very well with workload, and difficult children. I'm slightly worried about the increasingly sneaky methods of class control she's employing - it's contributing heavily to the "all Emmas are evil" hypothesis.

Hmm. That'll do for a general catch up. For more detail, however:
Thanks are due to Nick for helping with the move.
For details of (the end of the) housewarming party, try here.
Went to see the Sheffield Wednesday vs West Ham game with Pete. I feel I should point out that David Graham (not Brunt) hit the crossbar from 6 yards out, a strike which would have leveled the game to 3-3.
Watched the Luton vs Wednesday game round at Pete & Rosy's and then watched the Goonies.
That's covered up to Friday night nicely.

For her first day off in two weeks (yes, that includes weekends!) she headed off to Taekwondo, while I met up with Jon, a friend from school & university who I've not seen for a couple of years. Unfortunately I seem to have reached the time of life when some work is required to keep in touch with people. Otherwise I only see them at weddings. Humph.
Met Jon in town; his wife Liz had a GP training/conference thingy in Manchester, hence the visit, and we got some lunch & played some pool. Nice to catch up. Jon headed off a bit earlier than planned (conf. finishing early to avoid traffic from the Man Utd *spit* game), which meant Emma wasn't able to see him.
Instead, myself & Emma headed into town for an evening of food & film. More precisely; Pizza Hut and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. I'll have to admit to being a fan of both Roald Dahl and Tim Burton, and I loved the film. Emma's decided (as she does regularly) that I'm weird. I was particularly impressed with the Oompah Loompahs' song/dance routines following the dismissal of one of the vile children. Having re-read that, I think Emma may be onto something.