Sunday, 25 September 2005

2nd Saturday with Mark and Monica
We got off to a good start and arrived at the Eden Project before it got too busy, I found the tropical biome too humid so I moved through rather faster than Mark and Monica, although I was able to read most of the information. While I was waiting for them to finish, I went through the warm temperate biome which was far more comfortable and frankly I found it more interesting. We had lunch and walked uphill through the outdoor section, and I was able to contribute extra information beyond the info on the plaques. We didn't spend that much time there both Mark and I were a little tired and the Eden Project was filling up fast.

After a bit of a break I decided to drive home to return the car, on Saturday night rather than Sunday morning, however I ran into several road closures, the diverting me onto the M5, rather than the A30, and a sign informed me that to get past the closed section of the A303, I should continue up the M5 and get off at Junction 25 and head down the A358 to Illminster. The problem came when I got off at the correct junction and couldn't see the A358 signposted, thinking I'd got off at the wrong junction I continued north on the M5, but by the time I realised my mistake I was getting close to Bristol. I resigned myself to taking the M4 back, which added an extra hour to the journey time.

I was just pulling into a services when I received a text from Dad, I called back thinking that they were in England, however I was wrong, and made it a short call. I was just leaving the car park when Dad called me to ask me to fill up the car, I asked if he wanted me to try and get the Saturday Times, but I had no success in finding a copy, even "24-hour" Tesco had closed by the time I got to Camberley, I had to buy milk from the petrol station for breakfast.

Still it was a nice trip even with being frequently dazzled by the headlights of 4WDs in the mirrors.