Saturday, 26 May 2007


That was hard work. I've spent the last two weeks of working 9-5, while working on my thesis during lunch breaks, evenings and weekends. It's fortunate that my brain wasn't required at work. Temping isn't all bad.

Emma was off go-karting with teachers last night, so I (eventually - popped into uni on the way home to print off a copy to read over. I only had the last 7 pages to sort anyway) was set up nicely for the final battle with my thesis. Unfortunately it turned out I was too tired to get the last bit done, so I gave up, watched Have I Got News for You (nice timing, I thought) in the company of a beer. After briefly scribbling down some notes (my brain kept working regardless), I stuck Hannibal on. Having read the book, I think they wimped out a little with the ending. Despite being one of the better books, I think it made the weakest of the four films (I'm including Manhunter here but excluding the film/book of Hannibal Rising, neither of which I've seen/read). Still perfectly entertaining though.

Got up and finished my corrections this morning.
Now I've got the remains of a three day weekend with no work (well, I'm going to read through it just to make sure I've not done anything dumb) to do, and Emma's on half term, so we're both free for once! Lovely. I can start doing things like choir (not been for a month or so), hockey (not made it once this year) and badminton (missed it this week) again. I think I might give Emma a hand with marking SATS papers too.

I should mention that Emma got home towards the end of the film with a bottle of champagne, having made the highest finish of all the girls and was the only girl to win a race. They'd not let her spray it everywhere unfortunately.


Neil said...

Great news, especially you being able to go out and enjoy yourself more often.

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Craig said...

Well done, Adrian, I saw your message on the blackboard too!