Sunday, 13 May 2007

I might get to go to France next year for free.  Hurrah.  My new boss is orgainising a trip to France to do Maths in Paris.  I think it is just an excuse to get a free holiday.  Only downside is that it will be over the summer half term rather than in school time.  But I get a free holiday and won't end up annoying Adrian who will probably be working all week anyway.  I basically get first dibs, being the only Maths teacher who is female and won't have retired by the time of the trip.  It will be with years 7 and 8 so should be good fun.  I have never been to France.  Nick you will have to tell me the best way to learn some french.  I can't speak a word and it might be a good idea to learn a little if I am responsible for small children in the country.  They can speak more than me as they study it at school.  

I am also organising the Maize maze trip that I did last year again.  Trips really are the best bit of teaching in my opinion.  We get to take year 7 to a maze and lose them for the day.  Going to be great fun.  Hopefully we will get good weather again.  Last year it was blazing hot and we had to send letters home the day before to warn about bringing lots of water and suncream etc.  Rhys laughed at me wearing shorts, but I didn't care I got a day outside, while he had to stay in school.  


Nick said...

Oddly enough, I don't really know much in the way of beginners french stuff on the net, but I'm told the BBC website is pretty good.

*goes to revise for his oral exam tomorrow*

Nick said...

Also, if you download itunes and get an account (it cost nothing, even if they do ask for some payment details, just be careful not to buy something...). Look in the podcasts section under entertainment and language learning and there are some things there, will take a while to download but they're free. Again, haven't tested them out...