Monday, 21 May 2007

Thesis Countdown

I'm just keeping track of my progress; the aim is to graduate 13th July, so if I can get done before the end of May, my chances improve.

Important dates
Planned date of submission: 30th May (Finished Saturday at 1:00 (pm, you'll be glad to know). Just need to do a final read through over the weekend, binding and submission on Tuesday 29th. Thanks to both Anna and Craig for letting me know that one of the major binding services is shut for a week soon! I have alternative plans, and have told work that I'll be in late on Tuesday)
Deadline for getting examiners' approval and two hardbound copies handed in: 22nd June

Amendments Completed?
Chapter 1: Done
Chapter 2: Done
Chapter 3: Done (13/05 pending approval of method - Method approved 15/05. Get in!)
Chapter 4: Done (14/05 + finishing touches 15/05.)
Chapter 5: Done (16/05 + Sorting out typos 17/05.)
Chapter 6: None required
Chapter 7: Done (Started 19/05, completed 21/05, with some further minor amendments as a result of emails from John and Peter 23/05.)
Chapter 8: Done (Started 21/05, completed 26/05.)

Currently it looks like I'll make it. John's happy with my approach so I've only got to worry about stuff taking too long going through university admin. My examiners are lovely and will be pretty quick once they get the stuff, but three weeks is a quick turnaround when the uni usually gives them six. In case you're wondering "three weeks to do what?":
I submit two copies (planned 30th May), which the uni send to the examiners, asking them to return their recommendations (e.g. thesis is fine / thesis needs more corrections / etc) within six weeks. Once the recommendations are back, assuming no further changes are required (there shouldn't be any - I've got nice examiners and have been running various versions past them over the last couple of months), they'll be ok'd by a committee, then I'll need to get two hardbound copies submitted. As long as this happens by 22nd June then I can graduate in July.

I've come to the conclusion that I just need to get finished. I've got a compromise approach whereby I don't throw any of my results out, but I don't state them in quite the nice succinct way I'd originally intended. I think my external examiner and I have come to the conclusion that this doesn't really matter. If getting them stated "properly" is worthwhile (it does appear to be quite a subtle task. Whether that makes it interesting, I'll let Nige (supervisor) and John (external examiner) decide), it can go in a paper.


Anna said...

It sounds like you've got it all under control.

Soon you'll understand just how brilliant it feels when it's finally, finally, no more messing about, finally finished!

I hope it all goes smoothly over the next couple of months. As I remember, the binding takes 5 working days.

Adrian said...

Well, John's just emailed back to let me know he's happy with the approach I've taken, so that's one hurdle out of the way. Let's hope the uni can get paperwork shifted in time.

Craig said...

Hi Adrian,

dunno if you got the email (is your uni account still active?), but the binding service will close from 1st June to 6th June.

Details here.

Not sure if there's a service running throughout at the Joule library. There is also binding at a place in the Barnes-Wallis building,

Just letting you know in case you need to get it bound during those dates, and good luck with the corrections!

Adrian said...

Nah, I don't use the uni mail any more. Thanks for the update though. I was intending to use UPrint in Barnes-Wallis, as they seem to be a lot quicker than at John Rylands. That could have screwed me over though. Much appreciated.