Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Today I had my Spanish oral exam which went OK I think. I'm quite ( I can never remember which quite is which!!!) happy with what I've done and I'm really happy is over. What a relief!

Tonight I've phoned my friend Marghe, her mum got a cancer. I thought it was going to be a hard phone call but it wasn't. She is serene, she feels the Holy Spirit giving her the strength to face it and the peace she needs not to go mad in the convent. She said she can see good things in what's happening and she is feeling God really close to her and to her family. I phoned so that maybe I could ease her pain a bit and she consoled me instead, she gave me such strength and faith in prayer. She said that she can feel all the prayers people are saying for her and for her mum, that's why she is so strong.

I've got good news from my uncle, my mum's brother. He and his wife where trying to have a baby for 10 years now they've got twins coming soon!!! I'm really happy! Twins run in the family Mark, you know that, but I wouldn't mind with 1 pregnancy I got 2!

Life has been a bit hard in these weeks, between exam and good and bad news. But Mark was there for me with his patience and his love. So Mark....... I think I'll keep you!!!