Tuesday, 15 June 2004

Good afternoon everybody.

It's a pity no-one's been updating their blogs very much recently, as I could do with a reminde of what happened over the freaking weekend. This business of leaving off my Monday bloggin by a day isn't a very good idea.

Actually, it probably was.

It's been rather quiet considering that Ella's been here - lots of tiredness owing to hotness and examness. Much Zelda has been played. Finally actually injured my foot. Rather pleased that it nothing at all to do with broken glass though.

Oh I know! I made my (approximately) annual ludicrous purchase this weekend. How much do you suppose 8 track digital recorders start at? Well, I am now very au fait with that figure. Frugal living for a couple of months then. Been recording generic stuff - it's fun. Delay is fun. I also bought some necessaries for the concert on Friday. Taking the afternoon off for the last rehearsal, so I've got to try and get up a bit earlier - working flexitime off after 1700 is no fun, whereas getting up before the world has been superheated comes close to being a good idea on it's own merits.

On Sunday, Zosia sang James' and my psalm setting, which was very kind of her. We tried to write a Sanctus t'other day as well, but we weren't feeling very inspired.

On Sunday we went to the Cowley Bridge Inn for the pub quiz. There wasn't one. It was rubbish. Just some football game. Well, I don't mind the football so much, but I think the world of pub and sport should be separate,. because myopic nationalism in a place of enjoyment just bothers me.

O-zone never made no. 1. It's all my fault. I was going to buy myself and Norris a copy, but I didn't want to after buying an 8 track.

I finally bought some more tea - the skankage stops here. It's is not a pleasant thing to want tea and not have any. Same with most things I guess. Thanks for all the tea I've been donated guys!

Got coach tickets for trip to Pembrokeshire. Unfortunately, coach times dictate that I shall have to miss the last chaplaincy mass of the year. Shall probably go to the earliest Sacred Heart one.

Gotta remember to investigate when Irene wants dropping off at the station. Hope it's not during the day.

Best get back to work - blog more you rapscallions!