Friday, 25 June 2004

We had a great holiday. Did sod all but sleep read visit the sorts of places Jill and I like. Despite a frustrating series of attempts to book, we eventually got our cruise along the coast in boat trip. Saw dolphins, seals, kittiwakes, lots of Jelly fish, shags cormorants.
Camp site very quiet, at one time there were just 3 vans in the field (one field of 4 field, and the others were busier). Daily deliveries by a cheerful Taff of milk and newspaper.
Usually whilst driving saw kites No not things with strings; the type with flappy wings. Magnificent creature. Managed to watch one pair from the campsite using binoculars.

Had d walk along a short section of the Pembrokeshire coast walk, I really should remember to take my asthma reliever stuff on holiday. However in I quiet moment heard larks sing for the first time in 44 years. Flash back time to when I still lived in Heap Bridge, Bury

Good holiday that is until we got Nicholas. No Nicholas was not the problem. The weather happened to change. At about half past ten at night I noticed rain dribbling down the side of the caravan enclosed BTU the awning. How is that getting in I wonder. The rail attached to the van was being pulled away. So before it was ripped off we had to take down the awning lashed by wind and rain. Not much fun. Did not sleep well despite having two bottles of medicine.
Due to set of Wednesday morning. High winds, gales round the coast the M$ Bristol channel bridges closed and a deadline of being home for lunch time on Thursday.
tomb Verde to the Welsh campsite was about 200 miles, with the MA in Wales hugging the coast we decided to use the A40 inland This added 50 miles and used bigger hills and smaller roads.
Set off at 3pm when the wind had abated and had gained information that towing was not at all bad. Arrived Verwood 10.30; set up van in dark. Somewhat tense from driving so long; had just 4 twenty minute stops. Rather tense at bed time; hit the bottle again (Do you think two bottles of Theakstons OP. and one of Waggle dance over two nights is a excessive?)