Monday, 21 June 2004

Good afternoon. How are you all?

Well, I say "all"...

Anyway, it's me again. On Friday was the last Choral Society concert of the year, for which I booked Friday afternoon off, though Sarah distracted me from rushing off at twelve with some boring work thing which turns out to be okay after all.

Poor Choral Society Committee. They've been let down by conductors, choir members and committe members all year. In fact, I guess I should say poor Mark and Rachel, as they're the only ones who do anything. But they do do it well. Doing Messiah next term to drag the punters (both singers and singees) in, whihc sounds like a good idea. The rehearsal went surprisingly well I thought, even the Bach, so I strolled cheerily home.

The concert was fun, especially the mass (from which catholicam in the credo seems to have been omitted - I mean, why use the Nicene creed at all if you're embarassed about the word "catholic"?). Having had the Bach go so well in rehearsal we cacked the first movement up on the night, but after that it's plain sailing anyway.

I fear I may have been misrepresented, by the way. I wasn't remotely disappointed that our German in Kantate 127 wasn't fierce - that would be a bit silly. But it was a shame that all the consonantal splendour of Deutsch couldn' be conveyed a little more explicitly. Some other time.

James blogged the retreat tolerably well - he can have a link, as I'm running out of time, and he's got better permalinks now.

Sunday. Ah yes, Sunday was day of rest and a half - even if I did do a week's worth of washing up with Rob and James pitching in to various degrees. I couldn't be arsed to walk to the pub for the quiz, which was just as well, as there wasn't one on, so Lisa and Zosia had to make do with the majesty/fury of our front room. One day - one day it will be tidy.

Tomorrow I shall be taking the afternoon off again to give Irene and her friend from Yorkshire a lift down to the station, after which I shall have a car for a bit. What to do, what to do? She's even left picnicking equipment in it. Gosh.

Pay day, dash it, is not until the very last day of the month. I shall be intrigued to see whether I will have any spending money to speak of after pay day.