Thursday, 29 December 2005

Hello again. Haven't blogged for a little while as I've had a cold, and been lying down rather a lot.

Tempting to say that a lot has happened, but it wouldn't technically be true. However, I am the last visitor still standing sitting down at Dobson H.Q., Adrian and Emma having gone off on Boxing day to see Emma's parents, Neil wandering back to Exeter leaving plenty of time to spare and Nicholas catching a ferry back to France.

A lot of my gifts had to go home with Neil (thanks) including the J&W Omnibus that Nicholas got me, even though I was half-way through The Mating Season - still these things are sent to try us.

The only time I switched on the TV in my room (I object) in a desperate bid to entertain myself while ill I light upon the 100 best musicals as chosen by the public and populated by a million people you've almost heard of - precisely what I needed I think. West Side Story was no. 4, which didn't disappoint me too much. Also, it so happened that Cabaret came free with the Times or something at some point and was lying unwatched, so I rectified the situation. It's an interesting film, but as a musical it wasn't particularly engaging I thought. "What good is sitting around in your room[...]?" Quite.

Went to town today, to try get some fresh air; posted some things, topped up my phone (can text again!) and had an abortive attempt to get some photos of Monica and myself developed which uncle Carlos took. Monica says she got a digital camera for Christmas - I wonder how that will work out, as she doesn't have a computer... Irene does, and I suppose that you can get them developed the same as normal cameras these days too.

Re-read Winnie-the-Pooh this morning, against which Wodehouse has Bertie Wooster say some very harsh and disagreeable things, and found it as politely charming as ever.

Hmm. As I say, not a great deal going on. Will be packing tomorrow, as leaving early on Saturday for Ancona. If anyone taped The Christmas Invasion, they might be interested to know about this commentary. Then again, they might not.