Friday, 9 December 2005

Hi there.

I'm currently killing time in the office; it's the payroll Christmas meal tonight, so I don't need to cook, and it's not worth going home as I've a choir rehearsal before that. Should be a fun evening, though I'm rather tired, and I must not be persuaded to go clubbing. Much as I'm looking forward to home at Christmas, it's a pity I won't get to sing all of the cool Christmas pieces that we're currently rehearsing at Sacred Heart.

Today has been ooooooooooooooooooookay. Had a rather depressing week due to various things, which, though not hunky dory, are now in a much better state than they were earlier, so I'm fairly content. Work is odd - my allocation of it has largely disappeared, so I'm doing other peoples' work and checking the work of others too. Most unusual.

No. Christmas. Shopping. Done. Whatsoever. Need to think about it - browsing just doesn't seem to work. Anyway, my Amazon wishlist is still here. Also, I think it would be pretty damn cool to have a phone with a loudspeaker so as to include more people in a conversation, and I told Mum of some other CDs that I would rather like. Yesterday Monica and I tried Christmas shopping, but all we got were some cards and a complete Winnie-the-Pooh.

Monica made me an advent calendar; she's great. She even said she liked some beer the other day - egad. Plus, it seems that she brings out my ability to cook fine omlettes, which can't be a bad trait in a ragazza.

I note with interest that The JCB Song is doing the rounds again. Are they aiming for a Christmas number one? Surely not. There's also a song that keeps cropping up on our local news, one which a Mum co-wrote with Billy Bragg for her daughter - wonder if that's in with a shot... it's not inconceivable that it could go national.

Apparently one of our managers bumped into the new Bishop of Crediton t'other day. Suspect he must be an independent church type, 'cos he didn't get episcopal vibes from the purple shirt. I suspect Crediton is an Anglican bishopric, but I'm not sure; Chris is Mr. Plymouth and there's a chuffing great Cathedral in Exeter...