Saturday, 24 December 2005

Hey hey, happy holy days!

Well, it's this time of year where I'm at my parents house with not a great deal to do but chill, with broadband to boot, so I shall be blogging not more of my non-exploits. Lucky old you.

I said goodbye to Monica for a week on Thursday evening, after a long day at work, and goodbye to Exeter for two weeks after a short day at work, which, nonetheless started rather early. As is my wont, left about three times the requisite amount of time in which to pack. Thus is was that I ended up watching some of the first series of Bottom. Hu, and indeed, zzah. I didn't want to take too much luggage to Italy, so I'm slightly concerned about my capacity for presents, not helped by the fact that some of Monica's presents are here. Ah well.

On the way to St. David's I saw a bunny. Aw.

Came to Reading on a whizzy train from Penzance. They put me on the quiet coach, which I didn't mind, but neither did I propose that I should be so situated. I wonder, do people request the quiet coach? Bit of kerfuffle with the trains to Blackwater, but it turned out nice again. Dad picked us up at the station and momentarily I was back in Camberley, with all the glittering delights thereof. Seems to be a bit of an ethnic shopping contingent growing up, which is interesting. If I want a veil I'll know where to go.

Cordially punched Nicholas in the stomach on arrival, bested him in a "try and strangle me" demonstration of his jitsu propensities and laid into Adrian's joke-telling capacities. Seem to remember making Mum crease up somehow. A collective effort that one I think. Anyway, a good time was had by all, and I had a Golden Glory, which, as Ben would say, is a lovely drop. Oh, and kedgeree, which is good.

Wow, Badger Direct! Not a site for the purveyance of bespoke badgers, which would be superb, but, almost as splendid, Badger Beers.

And that's Ciao, for now.