Sunday, 25 December 2005

Well then. Presents:

Mum and Dad: Kaiser Chiefs, Hard Fi, Peep Show, Cufflinks

Emma: Balloon-modeling kit

Neil: Gary Lucas, Street of Lost Brothers

Monica: No less than 3 books on St. Francis of Assisi, a blanket, and a set of rosary beads made with olive wood from Bethlehem.

The Fornis: Toiletries

The Garretts:One mid-size, extremely fluffy, red cushion

Nicholas: A Jeeves and Wooster Omnibus (which, it so happens is what I got Monica)

Adrian and Emma:Eddie Izzard on CD

Dash it I've lost track: Some wonky candles for Monica and I to wonkily light

Not to mention a hyouge box full of organic fruit-based drinks and ginger beer, picallili, mustard, madras, chocolate from Monica for all of us. Believe this partially represents and attempt on Monica's part to steer her roguish boyfriend away from the evils of alcohol; a mixed success - all drink is gratefully received. What with having the whole family plus Emma and some presents for Monica (which I'm not sure quite what to do with) the front room was very crowded. I believe my presents were well received too. Huzzah.

Had a good dinner, though subjected to jokes. Felt incredibly tired afterwards; dozed off under me new blanket. Been reading the Wodehouse, played Uno. Not an undiverting game, but very little brainwork required. Having said that, my brain is indicating that it approves of this holiday idea very much. Monopoly is being played. Declined to join in, but unleashed my factoid that Monopoly was invented by a Quaker lady to demonstrate the evils of capitalism - oh the irony.

Watched Dr. Who, naturally. More of the same, which will certainly do; bought a Troughton era one for Neil, which should be class. Well, might do something productive tomorrow, but kicking back would certainly seem to be the order of the day.