Sunday, 8 October 2006

I had my performance review this week. The meeting with the head of Maths where they set your targets for the year. All teachers have to do it to get pay rises.

My target for the grades my year 11 should get is fine. Should be able to meet that one. Unfortunately I also have targets to do with the department and the school. I wanted the one that said "to work more efficiently and have a much better work life balance". Louize did not like that one. So I ended up with two. One which says I have to lead on more or less creating the Maths part of the school website. I knew I would get lumbered with that having gone to training with Louize about how to do it. And the other one is to go to all the STEM meetings. Something to do with cross curricular projects between science, tech, engineering and maths. Sounds interesting both targets but also alot of work. And I thought it would be easier this year. Ho hum.

So if anyone knows anything about Engineering can you let me know. The school is trying to go for engineering statis so it is quite important and eventually maths will have to be taught with an engineering slant to everything. That will be interesting since no one in the department knows anything about engineering.

Also who set up this blog. As we are going to have a department blog. Don't ask. And I need to know how to set one up with multiple people blogging on it. I think it is going to be used as a sort of bulletin board so students can talk to each other and stuff about homework that they are stuck on. Could do with talking to whomever set this up though - I can't remember who it was.