Monday, 23 October 2006

I went running this morning and I run for 25 minutes. Maybe. Anyway, I stopped only three times for just a minute to stretch my legs. It's been really good. The air was fresh and I ran not very fast trying to maintain a rhythm. I'll try to run for 3 times every week, only for half an hour, to give air to my small brain!

My parents phoned me and my dad said that his association, the volunteer firemen association, it's organizing a trip to Trento, North of Italy in the mountains, to visit the Christmas` markets. I don't know how to translate this, it's a lot of stalls selling Christmas' decorations and Nativity Scene and all those sort of things. But in the mountains all these things are handmade so they are really good. So we are going, my parents and I on the 16th of December. I'm really looking forward to it! I love Christmas' market and I can spend some time with my family. I'm really happy! I hope my sister can come, so it will be all the family. It would be so nice!

On Friday I managed ( is that correct in this case Mark?) to complete the form for the tuition grant! I couldn't belief it! The Director of the Modular Degree was really nice and filled the part reserved to the University without saying a word. He also certified the copy of my passport. Mark posted the form for me on Saturday, now it's just a question of waiting, but it's a relief!

I enjoy correcting my translations with Mark, I learn so many things. He speaks and writes English so well!!!! He's so patient with me. I'm so lucky, can you imagine if I had a German boyfriend? Useless, completely useless.

I've got a cake in the oven, it better rise this time. Now back to Spanish grammar and a bit of Italian Fascism.