Friday, 20 October 2006

Something Craig of Gooseania, conscientious atheist, mentioned earlier and also came to me in my Co-op newsletter. Do it:

If you care about climate change and want something done about it, one thing you must do today is get your MP to support The Big Ask - a campaign asking all 646 MPs to back a law making the Government cut carbon dioxide emissions every year. No excuses.

We believe that there are solutions to climate change. Which is why we're campaigning with Friends of the Earth and supporting The Big Ask. And why we seek to invest in renewable energy and refuse to invest in businesses that extract or produce fossil fuels. But our MPs need to help too.

Climate change is no laughing matter. But with your help something can be done about it. Please support The Big Ask by emailing your MP. It only takes a few moments to do your bit...and to make sure your MP does theirs.

Simply visit our website, enter your postcode and click go!