Friday, 6 October 2006

Thesis Update

It was my intention to submit my thesis today (or at least give my supervisor a copy to read over the weekend, then submit on Monday). This was scuppered somewhat by coming down with a vile cold this week (Monday and Tuesday were spent feeling rubbish, Wednesday and Thursday mostly spent in bed, having given up further attempts at work as unlikely to produce noticeable results).

The good news: My supervisor wisely suggested a week's extension a couple of weeks back, so I still have until a week today to submit.

The bad news: I'm pissed off. I was really looking forward to having finished. This is exacerbated by still being ill (today was not exactly productive), the promise of a week of hard graft (starting Sunday), and four years of accumulated stress.
I've a (good) week's work to do, leaving little time for any feedback from my supervisor. He's suggested phoning the submissions office, coughing at them, and asking for a couple more days. I'm loathe to do this as it's dragged on long enough, but I think he's right.