Thursday, 12 October 2006

Mass on Thursday in Stretham Court has always been good for me. It's like an oasis in the middle of the chaos which is the campus. I remembered arriving at mass exhausted after a day in campus and really hungry! But then when the door closed and mass started the world was shut outside. I always left full of hope and peace, as it should be every time I go to mass I think. Tonight the gospel was Luke I think, (I apologize but I'm not really good at Bible references, actually I'm afraid I'm not really good at reading the Bible in general) it was the bit that says ask and you will receive, search and you will find, knock and the door will open... ( something like that, oh dear I do sound really profane.)Paul said that often we ask and we receive something we didn't ask or we search and we find something different from what we were looking for. Then he said that it's not only about me, this with God is a relationship and I should allow the Holy Spirit to work in me. How I allowed my beliefs to affect my life? This is what he asked and made me think about what, I don't know, I'm still thinking. Anyway, it was good tonight as it always been, it's a moment in the week when I stopped and His words calm me down, they comfort me and give me peace. It usually last for a day, but it's a start. I have been a good girl for the last couple of weeks, I re-started saying morning prayer. I think I'll alternate a week of morning prayer and a week of evening prayer. Psalms are really good.

I paid my fees today, the first installment. I am really poor now!( No it's not true I should be just a bit careful until I find a job.) So I bought a frame for Mark's picture(49 pence in Age Concern.)Charity shops are great, there was also a double duvet cover for 2.99 but it was a bit boring. Mine has nice pink and blue flowers I'd like something like that.
So now Mark, you've got a nice frame around your beautiful face!

I watched Central Station yesterday. Nick you are right. It's a very good film nearly cried at the end, but I restrained myself, I can't cry in the library!!Tomorrow I'm going to watch Amores perros and then I'll choose.

I had a really good lecture for Oral Spanish. We were just 4 people and we had the chance to talk a lot. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed and this is quite important when you have to speak in front of other people in a language you don't know. I'm not good at speaking in general I'm too shy, I thought I was going to improve with the age but I think I'll die shy. At my University in Italy people were so competitive it was ridiculous. I was scared to talk, which is not so good if you are studying languages.

Oh Mark, Fabio has just emailed me. He said "congratulations or best whishes for learning Italian, but if you think you will then be able to understand Monica better, well you are wasting your time! It's not a problem of language it's her brain that cannot be interpreted! However, 5000 years ago, nobody would have thought of decoding the DNA, so maybe there is still hope for her little brain." And this is one of my friend.(I hope my translation makes sense)

I bought the flight back to Italy on the 12th of December. My sister is really happy, we will have time to go to town, see the lights and do a bit, just a bit of shopping. Then I can decorate the Christmas tree, make the nativity scene and sit near the fireplace with a good book and lots of biscuits! Not chocolate biscuits though, it's so unfair!

It's late, it's late, I should study a bit. Buonanotte e sogni d'oro a tutti.