Friday, 2 July 2004

Finished off at work yesterday OK, ran out of work at the end of the day, so David very kindly let me finish 3/4 hour early. Left my bench tidy and swept the floor.

Got off to a lovely start today, woke before the alarm went off, got ready and left with plenty of time, arrived dry and got a nice seat on the train. Helped a middle-aged couple make sense of their seat reservation, and helped when the wife was stuck on her crossword puzzle clue "golf peg", my answer "tee".

I arrived in Surrey and things slipped a bit, it started to rain just as I tried to cross the busy road to get to the bus stop.
I'd forgotten how stupid people in Surrey can be about transport, three examples on my way home.
1) Lorry parked so as to block the uphill A30 between the always busy Meadows roundabout and Frimley road.
2) Pissing down with rain, lots of people waiting to get into the bus, not a single person other than me had money or their ticket ready. Morons.
3) Car in front of me up the back of a bus, they had to brake sharply each time the bus stopped.

My career seems to confuse the travel company, apparently my profession is Zoologist, the only possible overlap would be a watchdog. Sigh, a Horologist's lot is to be misrepresented by the world.

Dad's bought a new tent which he seemed happy with, however the flexible struts suffered from having badly done knots on the stretchy cord inside and had to be redone. One even required the attentions of a power drill to destroy one of the knots that had slipped inside the tube.