Wednesday, 7 July 2004

I woke up early this morning, big surprise with the thin curtains, and watched TV for a bit before checking the weather forecast. On returning to the bedroom I discovered an awake Mark who was wondering if he had missed doing a cooked breakfast for everyone, he hadn't and I'd already had a bowl of cereal.

Once everyone was ready, I drove us to Heatherton, an activities centre, I accidentally took the turning just before the car park entrance and headed down a narrow country lane until I could turn around.

We started out trying the laser clay-pigeon shooting followed by archery, which I did far better in . Perhaps my disapproval of firearms, even fake ones make me feel uncomfortable. We had a game of croquet, which Adrian won, mostly because the first hoop was very difficult to do. I came third, after Mark.

The others went go-karting, I felt rather uncomfortable about wearing the helmet and decided I'd watch. It was quite entertaining to watch the 12 year olds being turfed out of the 14+ line, they didn't even attempt to lie, one even wrote down her age to the sign up sheet. Emma turned out to be a proper speed maniac quickly lapping everyone at least once, but at least she drove safely, unlike some of the other (non-Dobson) drivers. A bit of bad overtaking by one driver ended with one plowing into the edge tire barrier while the other one knocked over some of the central watertank barrier, no-one was injured and so everyone soon resumed racing around.

We has lunch next, then the others had a go at the baseball practice. We went over to have a go at the "Maize Maze", however it hadn't yet grown tall enough to provide any challenge so it was closed. Adrian and Nicholas played draughts on a giant board while we watched.

Last of all for me we all when on the bumper boats, where Emma somehow managed to get enough speed up to splash me, a difficult feat on the hard-to-steer boats. I was getting tired the presence of so many 14 and under children was a little wearing so I went back to the car for a break for the rest of my time there. Emma had evidently enjoyed herself and dozed off on the way back, I wouldn't have minded if she hadn't been my navigator!#

The forecast was for icky weather for the next few days, and I hope to see a good (thunder)storm from the house's patio door overlooking the bay.