Saturday, 3 July 2004

Was toying with the idea of sending the permalink for this to The Radar Station, but this isn't a proper gig review, so I shan't bother. I didn't note down the playlist or anything. Anyway, getting ahead of myself really.

Dan asked when we were going. I said about half seven. He said that seemed a bit late. I looked quizzical, as I am generally rather punctual, and retired to bed very much inclined to wake for about half seven anyway. We left a little after half seven but it weren't my fault. I had a little chemical (taurine) stimulation, as I thought I'd probably need it. I asked for another at the Phoenix's bar, and received red wine. Felt a bit common, but then I remembered.

The warm-up band were ludicrously average. I think they were called Tribe. A three-piece, the drummer and the lead-guitarist looked quite normal, but the bassist looked cool with a capital F. He had a guitar strap apparently made from bullet cases or whatever they're called, and perched his (ironic?) lucky dildo on top of his amp. He played as if he really meant it, thought what he meant didn't strike me as being very interesting. Oh, and the guitarist wouldn't turn the delay off on his mic for some reason.

So... the Magic Band - well they were great, I'm pleased to say. No Vliet, naturally, but John French, in addition to being a fantastically funky percussionist, does a very serviceable Beefheart impression, complete with harp and actions, but unfortunately no sax. He looked pretty cool too. Where exactly does one purcheas a white trenchcoat? He made an excellent bandleader. Gary Lucas was predictably awesome, and seeing "Evening Bell" performed in front of me was very impressive. It sounds incredibly difficult to play, and now I know that it looks it too. Mark Boston was also fantastic. He was wearing a Residents t-shirt and he looks like Father Christmas. The was a stand-in drummer too, who didn't stand out, but I gather that the drum parts are all fairly tortuous, so big up on him. Dennis Walley was generally fine, but he didn't look very happy, and I wasn't so sure about some of his solos. They did a retro version of "Electricity", which wasn't so very different to the later one, but it was quite interesting to hear it with harp. Generally speaking, it was fantastic end to end, and everyone (hyperbole) was having a good time. They said they weren't going to do an encore, but we weren't having that. I went home feeling good.