Sunday, 25 July 2004

Hello. Got half an hour to kill before pubbage at the Great Western, so I figure I might as well try blogging this weekend a little early.

I had a very tiring week, coming in early every day - out of reasons of efficiency in the first part of the week, and out of habit in the second. I was very ready for Friday when it came, and I engaged in a little not-getting-changed-out-of-my-dressing-gown action for a good deal of Saturday. I woke myself up though, and had a go at weeding the garden with some chemical aid, which I bought. It only covered about quarter of the gravel though, so I started to do it the old fashioned way over the other side, hopefully not going to near the treated area. Had another shop at Alphington Sainsbury's with Norris, and we managed to clear out a whole cupboard of plastic bags that we didn't want to throw out because they're recyclable. Norris kindly lent me his track-pump to do Irene's tyres with. This apparently puts me under the obligation to say that it's very good,and not rubbish. It's true, but he seemed terribly defensive.

Went to 11 o' clock mass at south street. S'good. That new curate seems to be doing all the services. Wandered home via the train station to get some idea of a place I might want to drive in Irene's car. Remembered that I like castles, so we drove to a place called Berry Pomeroy near Totnes - that's Norris, Dan and myself. They have a castle. It's very pretty. It had an audio tour. They're quite good if you can blank out the cheese, and crappy history-by-bad-accents approach that tends to be taken. I'd recommend it. Once you get to Totnes, head for Paignton - we had a little trouble with that.

Chatted to Nina on MSN, and I realised that I can use the car to visit her as well. Bonus! It's certainly been a little under-utilised really. Should sort that out in a bit.