Sunday, 4 July 2004

Got up a little late I suppose and went walking on a coastal path not too far from Broad Haven. Neil dropped us off and the path lead back to Broad Haven. Well, we actually didn't get on the path until a little late, having gone too far and so we went off the beaten track as't were... Had to climb over a barbed wire fence and walk through some spiky plants but found the actual path quickly. Pretty hard to miss it really but we got back pretty quickly.

Headed down to the beach where Emma got a Kite and the rest of us went swimming in the nice, clear, freezing cold water. It must have been clean, we saw some baby jellyfish and dead one I later found out to be a compass jellyfish. We had fish and chips on the beach, very nice.

Got back, Neil and I watched Scooby Doo. It was a terrible film, lacking most of the charm of the original series... I suppose they got they were fed up with Crappy Doo as well though.

Emma got the BBQ going again and Adrian and I settled down to watch the match. Part way through, Emma and Neil went to get Mark, he went to bed pretty quickly. The rest of us stayed up to watch Versus, a fantastic Zombie, Martial Arts film.