Friday, 9 July 2004

I have to say in my opinion Friday was great. First thing me, Ade and Nicholas went horse riding at East Norton Riding Stables. I've never been on a horse really before but I thought it was wicked! At first it was a bit scary being on a big huge horse. Every time the horse shuffled while I was waiting for everyone else to get on their horses I felt like I was going to fall off. Then we set off and I think the horse was more in control of me than the other way around. After a while we got to trot as well. Although I think what happened was that my horse saw that everyone in front was troting and went "oh we're trotting now, I'd better trot" rather than me telling it too. I also understand why horse riders do the ponsy bobbing up and down thing while trotting. Its so you don't hurt your arse basically. IF you get it right its a lot nicer and I expect that the horse is probably alot happier too with you going with the horse rather than just being bounced about in the saddle. After a while I got the hang of it although I think it took the lads a little longer. Towards the end I think the horses got hungry as both mine and Ades decided that they were going to eat the greenery at the side of the path and had to be pulled back into walking along. Also I managed to get my horse to trot without it seeing the others trotting up front a few times. It was great anyway.

Later on we all went down the beach in Broad Haven and all but Neil hired out some kayaks. I hired out a wetsuit as well as I'm always cold and had some trouble trying to get into one which was too small for me and had to get a bigger one. Neil offered to look after our stuff on the beach and we went for some fun sea kayaking. Once we were all eventually out at sea we kayaked along the coast for a bit. Mark found a cool cave to go into and I followed him through an archway and through this dark cave that got smaller as you went through it and as a result the waves got stronger as well. It was fun. We headed back as most were tired especially Nick.

After that we then headed down to Dale where Ade had booked us all on a boat trip to the offshore islands to see the wildlife. We went out on this really fast speedboat which was cool but very cold, espcially as Ade had forgotten to tell us that we were supposed to wear about four layers and a waterproof. It was ok though as they lent us some waterproofs which kept the wind out at least. There were tons of birds, I don't think I've ever seen so many around cliffs like that before. There were puffins and other small birds and seagulls and puffins and maybe other birds. The puffins were quite cute with their bright red beaks. We also saw some sealions lazing on the rocks.

We then headed back to the cottage to warm up. Neil decided that he knew the way driving back and ignored Ades directions even though Ade had the map. That resulted in Neil driving a long way down some rather narrow and interested roads while we all took the piss.

After all that I was rather tired, I don't know about the rest. That was probably why I slept most of the way back to Manchester the next day.