Tuesday, 6 July 2004

How may this be? I am the only person who has not blogged their allotted day in the holiday. What's the emoticon for a head hung in shame?

As Adrian saith, today was basically a big 'ol walk. Adrian and I were, like, hardcore, and decided to walk about twice as far as Nick and Emma, but in the same direction. Apparently, after the latter drove to Dale and walked out to the main path, Adrian and I had pretty much caught them up. This was rather downplayed, but I thought it meant that we won. Us, us, us.

It was a ridiculously sunny day, with lovely views and some very unspoilt looking beaches. Looked like photos of mediterranean beaches. Magic.

Fortunately, blogging walking is fairly self explanatory. We walked along a coastal path, said hello to the middle-aged people, and nodded to the younger people.

We probably drank in the evening too. Can't remember. Perhaps we played Risk...