Monday, 19 July 2004

Oh dear. Things are not going well at work today...
Hey, hey, hey! What's going on with this new interface? It looks absolutely horrible as I type it - hopefully my CSS will sort it out.
... I made the wrong person a leaver, messed up the shared print queue (although I'm sure IT services would be able to sort that out pronto if they were any good), and I think that I am about to discover that I've massively overpaid someone, i.e. me personally.
So that's a fairly pleasant weekend undone. I did some tidying on Saturday, Rob's old room is now minty fresh, and it provisionally has my computer in so that Norris doesn't have to break into my room to use the internet. Kitcehn looks quite good at the mintue too, but I somehow broke the vacuum cleaner, bending one of the pins of the plug dramatically out of line. This is both astonishing and frustrating.
Had a dramatic haircut from Norris - no. 2 all over. Looks alright. Sarah at work said it looked quite nice, and then that I looked like a thug. Make of that what you will. And we went shopping in Irene's car, on which I am now insured - huzzah!
I can't make up my mind what mass to go to on Sundays at Sacred Heart. I never liked waiting round till 11:30 in term-time, so the 09:30 is quite tempting, with kids and old people aplenty. On the other hand, when I went to the 11:00 last week, I thought it was an absolutely rocking service aesthetically, and I gather there's more chance of running into Lisa that way too. Hmm. Decisions, decisions. First confession in a confessional on Saturday. Weird things they are. Prefer the face to face approach. They've got a new curate at Sacred Heart, seems like a nice chap. 'nother convert. Asked him about intercessions. Was considering going to Sacred Heart on Sundays in term-time too. Hmm.
In the evening, much texting resulted in Dan, Norris, Will, Rosie, Luke and I going to the Eagle at various times, where we drank, except for those of us who don't drink, and heard "She's Electric" on no less than four occasions.
And now it's Monday. What are the odds.
Update: Oh good. I never overpaid nobody, right?