Thursday, 8 July 2004

The only day with even slightly iffy weather in the whole holiday. We were going to go on a boat trip to some islands where there are lots of birds but it was gale force winds over there so we had to skip that one. Instead everyone but Neil headed Pembrick Castle. it was a fantastic castle, made better by the fact you could use student discount. It was a massive castle and most of it was still in good shape so you could explore most of it. the first bits had historic stuff but I think they gave in and accepted that most people just want to go and see a castle... There was even a cavern under the castle that you could go int, presumably it was for supplies. There was a chapel (I think) that had very good accoustics. I would've been awesome as a place to play hide and seek but it was a bit knackering with all the steps.

A friend and Emma's (and possibly Adrian's, I'm not sure on that count) had said there was a cool Lily Place in some grounds that were open to the public so we headed to that. Had more fun on the beach really as there were lots of cool caves to explore. Mark and Adrian decided to attack me to test my jitsu. We don't really do defense from a rugby tackle but I managed to get a Towara Geishi off on Mark...