Saturday, 22 March 2003

1652 - Light from the gap in Dad's curtains fall precisely onto the monitor.

I've been back a little while now, but Neil and Gretel have been doing computery things. I gather Gretel's getting a new one. The journey was uneventful, nicely brief, and sunny. Gradually the scenery changed from being a lot of lustrous Devon foliage, to being intermittent compilations of tedious, red-brick, mock-tudor-fronted estates, and I was back.

Kindly, Neil asked me whether I wanted picking up from the station yesterday. It hadn't occurred to me that I might need a lift. My arrival is apparently a surprise to everyone down here. Anyway, I blog this merely to mention that he drove me back in a Nissan Micra! It seems that the sponsorship deal has expanded Anglicans these days. (Alas poor Tipo) On the way, we popped into the covered shopping bit in Camberly; I've completely forgotten what it's called. Centrally placed was some kind of fashion show - it was very amusing. First time I strolled past, I could see a cluster of Blazin'-squad-alikes doing a sappy (nu) garage-style dance. Bless. When I walked back, there were people parading in costumes. Now this was odd, because although it was a fashion show, the young women were dressed like that woman in Lovejoy, the first one (Lady Jane?) and were hence deeply unfashionable. Actually come to think of it, this is Surrey... Both these of the event shocked and disturbed me - there wasn't much evident publicity so I bemusedly gained the attention of a standing, um, shopping-area attendant watching the performance (to stop rioting?) and asked the severely direct question "Uh, what is this?". Her reasonable response that it was a fashion show failed to ease my mind.