Saturday, 29 March 2003

What I needed after my perturbing late night e-mail reading and early-morning anxiety was a good day's R&R. Unfortunately I still had to go to work. Mum dropped me off at the pickup point, and I sat around hoping that the bus would be late so that I could say "But the bus wasn't there!" in explanation of the fact that I hadn't gone to work. No such luck of course - it duly, dully rolled into sight. It was slightly early, and certain of my colleagues who had said they would be present were notably absent. I even popped my head round the corner to see if anyone else had turned up, but coming from Camberley there was only yours truly. I boarded, finding one driver, and one co-worker from basingstoke inside. It was not exactly a throng. We rolled into the dread industrial estate... find not many people there. One of the regulars rapidly made it apparent that Saturdays were a doss. Things were looking up. You know how on Fridays, in the last hour or so, everything slows down and everyone get's a bit lax in anticpation of the weekend. Well the whole shift was like that. In addition, we got an extra half hour break, during which I watched the conclusion of the England Liechtenstein match, and we also got let off work half an hour early. Everyone was chilled, and the money, at least for me, was better simply because it was the weekend.

Less work + More money = Happier Mark

During the course of my day, I learnt that Tony Hart is sponsoring Drawplus 7. Bless! The other guy from the agency revealed himself to be a stand up sort of a guy, "A+++++++++++ would recommend". Shane, his name is. He kept on enthusiastically pointing out popular hits and how good they were. Apart from one Shania Twain song, and that new one from the girl in Neighbours that was on TotP I think our popular music tastes were pretty much in synch. The only other person I've met who's been so enthusiastic about popular music was the only other male in my A-level English class after Alex left, Craig. He regularly went to the filming of TotP, and genuinely believed Steps to be the best band in the world. Our popular music tastes were not in synch.

On the way back, seeing that I was the only drop-off in Camberley, I asked the driver to drop me off a bit nearer to home, which saved me a walk. This was another good thing.

Will has sent me a Yahoo! Greeting which is addressed "To: Mark and his blog users", so here it is chaps and chapesses - enjoy. Thanks Will.