Sunday, 23 March 2003

Pah. That was a long wait for nothing. It seems I misinterpreted (not misread) the sign outside St. Peter & St. Paul's. It said mass was on at eight in the evening on "Holy Days". I thought that would've included Sundays. I guess I'll catch them on the flipside.

In other news, Neil's gone back to Exeter. He comes back every other weekend, due to some quirkiness of the terms at Loyes. My parent's got back from Manchester, where they were helping my lovely brother (Adrian) and his lovely bride-to-be (Emma) move stuff around. They got a new pad recently. Mum had also done some more research on our family history. The amount of effort she is going to is rather impressive. My great great great grandmother, Emma Simpson, apparently shared my birthday as did my great great grandfather, Alfred Cornish. He was a butcher, on Mum's side, and Emma was married to a hatter, on Dad's side.

Nicholas is out now, but I'm trying to persuade him to start a blog, at least when he goes to uni, so I can read all about his exploits. That'd be cool. I don't know what he's doing out, but it may well involve music. He's a busy lad.