Friday, 21 March 2003

James has acquired this absurd idea that my blog represents a threat to his... custom.
I think theres a large body of readers who only read it to see what our house is up too and will find it better logged at your blog

There are a few reasons why my march into recorded mundanity need not be feared:

The "large body", I expect, which would rather hear my version of events than his, will only consist of some of the people who know me personally. This is a relatively small subset I think. By far the majority of his readers must surely be catholics looking for a catholic blog. This is evinced by the dramatic number of referrals from Mark Shea, webrings, Nihil Obstat and our friend Victor. I do not have a rapport with the estimable Mr. Lams, nor do I expect to have one anytime soon.

I do not have pictures. Will hurriedly expressed his preference for pictures, which add a huge amount to James' blog.

People get bored of faffy language quite quickly.

It occurs to me that I might get a link by commending James' blog gratuitously here. But I won't; it seems a bit artificial. I expect it will continue to oustrip my own blog's popularity in any case, and long may it do so.