Tuesday, 25 March 2003

Back from work. It was about as tedious as I was expecting. I wasn't expecting my hands to be this dirty however. The things you learn, eh? I won't go into particulars, the particulars not being exciting. Iris Murdoch can make the mundane very interesting indeed, which is why I don't mind dissertating upon her, and Will seems to be a genuine admirer of the ordinary, which is a peculiar, but probably admirable trait.

Mum (I think) offered me a lift home. I thought she meant from Guildford, but obviously she meant from where I was going to be dropped off in Camberley. I rather liked the walk home though, so I think I shall continue to do so. I was toying with the idea of taking my minidisc, but the monsters know you can't hear them if you listen to music at night. Also I don't have it with me.